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Project CARS

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please download the latest version of the game, download link below. Players will need the most recent full build and, where applicable, the latest patch as well.

The full build and the patch are both archives (zip) or executables, so once they have been downloaded, just double-click on them or unpack them into a folder and double click on the exe to start the install. If a full build is being installed on a machine where a previous build has been installed, please make sure to uninstall the existing build first. You can do this either by runnng the uninstall option in the WMD / Project CARS folder under the Start Menu or through the Windows Control Panel "Programs and Features" (Windows Vista/7)/"Add or remove Programs" (Windows XP) option. It is also advisable to delete the Project CARS installation folder from your HDD. If installing a patch, please make sure that the most recent full build is installed first.

Once installation has been completed successfully, two start icons should be placed on your desktop - one for the DirectX9 version (labelled as "Project CARS") and one for the DirectX11 version (labelled as "Project CARS - DX11"). In order to login to the game, you will need to use your forum username and password for security purposes.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Connection issues: Make sure you use the most recent game build (check the version numbers).
Connection issues: Make sure your firewall is configured to authorise the game connection. If you continue to experience issues, it may be necessary to disable the firewall entirely whilst playing.
Installation issues: Make sure your anti-virus is configured to ignore the game executable.
Installation issues: Make sure to install the build (or patch) as "Administrator".

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: Ctrl-I: AI control of player car.
Ctrl-T: switch to trackside cameras.
[ ]: decrease/increase FOV.
F1: display developer menu.
BACKSPACE: goes back a level in F1 menu.
Ctrl-P: cycle to next post processing filter.
Ctrl-Shift-P: switch post processing filters off.
Ctrl-F: free camera.
Ctrl-S: display FPS.
W,A,S,D: move seat
TAB: cycle lap info
Ctrl-+ & -: Full damage/repair damage of car
Ctrl-Alt-+ & -: Full damage/repair damage of all cars

Camera Edit Mode (Build 159+)

To enter the mode you press Ctrl-K.
Then the following keys become active:

Numpad 2: increase pitch
Numpad 8: decrease pitch
Numpad 4: increase yaw
Numpad 6: decrease yaw
Numpad 7: increase radius
Numpad 9: decrease radius
Numpad 1: increase roll
Numpad 3: decrease roll
Numpad -: increase FOV
Numpad +: decrease FOV
D: forward
A: backward
W: up
S: down
Q: left
E: right
SHIFT key in combination with any of the above: slow down camera movement
Numpad 5: reset to original settings for current camera

Custom DOF mode:

F3: on/off
F4: reset

Focus plane distance:
F5: decrease
F6: increase

Sharp field depth:
F7: decrease
F8: increase

Transit to blur depth:
Shift + F7: decrease
Shift + F8: increase

Shift + F5: decrease
Shift + F6: increase

IMPORTANT FORUM LINKS: New Members Introduction
What to Expect From the Project CARS Build
Build Release Notes
Build Release Schedule
Report bugs and issues
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